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Sales Agreement


Wild West Goat Farms Sales Agreement




  1. Wild West Farms reserves the right of first refusal for all goats sold from our farm. If you purchase a goat from Wild West Farms and later decide to sell it for any reason, we have the right to buy the goat back before it is offered, marketed, or sold to anyone else. We are always happy to take a goat back or find another home for it if you are unable to keep it!

  2. Wild West Farms has the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. We can refuse to sell our animals if we find  a.) the home unfit, b.) the customer incapable of proper care for the animal, c.) dangers or concerns with the sale, or d.) any other question of the person’s character, property, ability to care for animals, or means of proper support.

  3. Any kid born to Wild West Farms may be retained. Any kid born from any kidding may be retained if we so choose. Even if a reservation is placed on a kid from a certain breeding, we reserve the right to keep that kid. However, if we do retain a reserved kid, we will happily refund the initial deposit to the buyer or offer another available kid as a replacement.

  4. Wild West Farms reserves the right to choose which animals will be registered and/or tattooed. Only homesteading, show, or production quality bucks and does will be registered and tattooed with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Those sold as pet quality will not be registered or tattooed. If you are looking to purchase a goat from Wild West Farms but are not interested in its registration, contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.

  5. Wild West Farms will not be held responsible for any genetic, conformation, or health issues in our goats. At Wild West Farms, we strive for excellent genetics, beautiful conformation, and healthy goats; however, genetic abnormalities do occur in livestock breeding. Because of this, we do not guarantee the perfect health or conformation of any animal we sell. We will be open with all potential buyers about any known genetic, health, or conformation issues in our breeding and selling stock. We test our herd every year for CAE, CL, and Johnes, and have been clean every year. However, if we find any indication of disease, defects, or faults in our animals, we will be open to all who are interested in purchasing a goat from our farm.

  6. Wild West Farms reserves the right to refuse a reservation if made solely on coat or eye color. Wild West Farms will hold reservations for planned breedings. However, you must reserve in order, like “first pick doe” or “second pick buck.” Reservations will not be made based on a preferred coat or eye color. If you want a specific color, it will only be for pet quality goats that have already been born. Color can not be the sole deciding factor if you are looking for a show or production quality goat. However, if you see a goat you like because of its conformation or genetics that happens to have your preferable coat or eye color, that is acceptable.



  1. Wild West Farms runs a clean herd. All animals at Wild West Farms are tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes every spring; each year our results have come back negative for all diseases.

  2. All kids born at Wild West Farms will be given proper care according to their age and/or physical characteristics. Wild West Farms will not sell kids before they are ready to thrive on their own. This means if we feel a kid is not ready to leave our farm by the age or date we originally intended, we reserve the right to keep the kid until we are comfortable with its age, weight, characteristics, etc.

  3. All goats at Wild West Farms are tested, vaccinated, and supplemented throughout the year. We frequently offer loose minerals and supplements to our animals to support healthy development, production, and body systems. Additionally, because we are located in a selenium deficient area, we give our kids BoSe soon after birth to prevent white muscle disease. CD&T and BoSe vaccines are also given to our mature goats to combat other diseases and disorders.

  4. All kids born at Wild West Farms will be disbudded, no exceptions. Wild West Farms breeds, raises, and sells goats according to the ADGA standard. We disbud our kids to stop the growth of horns in all bucks, does, and wethers. However, even after disbudding, scurs still can appear. Wild West Farms is not responsible for any scurs that appear in a sold goat; if a buyer wants the scurs removed from a goat purchased from our farm, they will be responsible for the cost of removal.

  5. Some kids will be bottle fed at Wild West Farms. We supplement some of our kids with milk replacer if we feel they need more food than what they are getting. Regardless of whether a buyer wants a bottle kid or not, some kids may be kept on the bottle even after leaving our farm. We will advise all buyers whether the kid should continue to be bottle fed or not and how long the additional bottle feeding may last.




  1. Follow all advice regarding care, feeding, housing, etc. When a goat leaves our farm, we want them to go through as little stress as possible. Because of this, all advice given to buyers should be followed as closely as possible.

  2. Have proper shelter, fencing, and feeding. Goats do not like to be wet and should have the proper housing to keep them out of the elements. Additionally, fencing should be strong enough to keep predators out; if a dog, cougar, or other predator gets in with the goats, they will not have a high chance of survival. Feed and water should be fresh and accessible at all times.

  3. Have at least one other goat before bringing another home. Because goats are herd animals, they are very social and tight knit; a solitary goat will not be happy or thrive. To prevent this, a single goat will not be sold to anyone that does not already have at least one goat at home. However, a buyer may purchase multiple goats from Wild West Farms without having other goats at home.

  4. Goat(s) must be transported in an acceptable manner. Any goat sold must be transported in a sheltered kennel or vehicle to protect it from the sun, cold, or various weather conditions.

  5. Transport services may be used to bring a goat to you. However, the transport company must be the breeder’s choice and the transport cost will be covered by the buyer.

  6. Schedule an acceptable time for pick up and purchase. Buyers are responsible for finding a date and time that works for both parties to meet, pick up, and purchase a goat. If the buyer fails to show up at the determined time, the sale will be void–unless the reason for missing the appointment is provided and confirmed by the breeder.

  7. Health certificates will be arranged and paid for by the buyer. If you want a health certificate, the buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for the visit, exam, and paperwork. Know your state’s rules for transportation and animal health.

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