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Pholia Farm SR Delightful


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Born 04/12/2013

4th Freshener

Delightful is the first doe purchased by Wild West Farms back in 2013. Impressed by her dairy strength, natural uphill slant, and depth of body, we purchased this doe in the hopes of building a herd with similar characteristics. Because of Delightful's many strengths, she is an invaluable member of our herd and the foundation of nearly all of our retained does. Examples of the wonderful qualities Delightful produces may be seen in (Wild West Farms) The AR Sunny Delight and Wild West Farms YS Queenie, both of which are excellent show does and heavy milk producers.


Sire : Pholia Farm MI Brave Sir Robin *B

Dam : SG Pholia Farm RD Define 6*M

Linear Appraisals


Show History

2016 : Klamath County Fair Reserve Supreme Nigerian Dwarf Doe 

           Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association ADGA Open Show 2nd & 3rd 2 Year              Old Doe

2017 : Klamath County Fair Supreme Champion Dairy Doe

2018 : Klamath County Fair Reserve Champion Senior Nigerian Dwarf Doe

Kidding History

Recent Kiddings

June 19th, 2020

Caprinos RO Yosemite Sam *B x

Pholia Farm SR Delightful

1 doe, 1 buck

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